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What form of tampering can the SoftwareShield guard against?

  1. IAT (Import API Table) protection;
  2. EAT (Export API Table) protection;
  3. Relocate Table protection;
  4. Resources Protection: All Exe resources are encrypted;
  5. App Data virtualization: You can wrap most read-only app exe / dlls / data files (help, doc, media, etc.) into exe;
  6. Anti-VM: VMWare / VirtualBox / Parallel ... etc.
  7. Anti-CodeInjection: Stop cracker injecting code into your wrapped application process memory;
  8. Anti-ExeDump: Dig machine code holes in your app binaries and execute the code segments in random memory address.
  9. Digital Signature: code sign wrapped exe so it terminates if signature is corrupted.
  10. Code and Data Integrity Checking: make sure the specified part of code and files are not modified by crackers.

What is SoftwareShield Integrity checking?

The app integrity checking is to detect binary code patching in memory which is commonly used by crackers. If running in a debugger software breakpoints (0xCC, int 3) may also break the code integrity. If debugging via hardware breakpoints, SoftwareShield Ironwrapper can also detect it because the wrapper uses the hardware breakpoint registers internally to store system data, debugging can corrupt the values in hardware registers.