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Which platform SoftwareShield supports?

  • Windows: XP/SP3, Vista, Win7,8,10;

  • Mac: MacOS 10.7/8/9/10/11;

Does SoftwareShield support Linux platform?

SoftwareShield SDK is coded in standard C++ which can be compiled on most C++-11 compliant compiler; we have internal build of SDK on Linux but we do not support linux binary wrapping, so bascially you can integrate with SoftwareShield SDK to license your product without Ironwrapper technology.

Does SoftwareShield support 64 bit code?

  • Windows:

    The SoftwareShield SDK fully support 32bit and 64bit integration, the Ironwrapper currently can wrap only 32 bit executables (*.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX, etc.), the x64 bit support will be added to SoftwareShield 5.4 early next year.

  • Mac:

    Yes, both SoftwareShield SDK and wrapper support i386, x86_64 and universal application binaries.

What kind of Windows Application can be protected by SoftwareShield?

  • Native code: Standard Exe (.exe), Dynamic library (.dll), ActiveX control (*.ocx);

    We can wrap multiple executables into a single package, they are running inside SoftwareShield kernerl without being extracted to (unprotected, unsafe) temporary disk folder at run-time.

  • .Net code: Microsoft .Net application can be wrapped and license-protected as normal native exe.

  • Java code: Java application can be wrapped as normal Windows exe with standard Icon, version information, etc.

  • Interpreter-based code: NodeJS, NodeWebkit, Perl, Python application relies on their interpreter to run the code, SoftwareShield can wrap the app files (mostly source code) as a normal Windows exe with Icon and version information, so it can be licensed and deployed as normal desktop application.

  • Flash Application;

  • Director Application;

  • Unity Application;

  • Xojo Application;

Can SoftwareShield protects DLL/OCX as standalone package ?

Yes, you set the DLL as Package Head Path, you can also embed more dlls and files into the package, the output package is a standard DLL that can be deployed and loaded in its host application nomally.

Do I have to register my ActiveX / COM component if it is wrapped by SoftwareShield?

No, SoftwareShield will deal with the registry of wrapped COM or ActiveX components at runtime when they are loaded, there is no need to register them before app launching. Also, the PC's registry is not touched so your protectede app does not need extra administrator privilege to run properly.